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Spaces and exchanges

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Voici votre texte. J'ai supprimé votre annonce de plan, celle-ci est vraiment trop répétitive dans la mesure où votre problématique annonce déjà le plan, c'est un peu un deux en un.


I’m going to speak about the notion "spaces and exchanges". It deals with various movements in different territories, geographical zones. I will illustrate it by migrations. Immigrants often come since a rather poor country towards a richer one, for example of Mexico towards the United States or from Africa to Europe at a continent scale. Then we can wonder, if the immigration is a dream or a nightmare?

First of all, immigrants leave their country in order to have a better life in another place and they do everything to arrive, there. Indeed, poor immigrants arrive in a country looking for a new life, a better life, and sometimes, they come with their their family. In class, we have study an audio document which explains that the majority of the Mexican immigrants cross the border called " the linia " to find jobs in crops during the harvest time, on building sites and backstage in hotels and restaurants. We also spoke about Alejandro Perez who is a Mexican migrant in the United States. He look for a way to fight against poverty and unemployment in Mexico. He decided, so, to leave his wife and his child and to go to the United States. He asserts that he wins eight-10 times more than in Mexico and that medical installations are better and increase the life expectancy of 4 years with regard to Mexico. Alejandro Perez wants that his family joins him and hopes that his son will obtain a good education, because the American education is better than the Mexican one. Thus, it’s obvious that the immigration can be a dream for economic and social reasons.

However, it is not a secret that immigration can be also a nightmare. Indeed, some problems could appear during the journey. Indeed, a lot of people dies in the border between two countries, particularly in the "Linea", the border between the United States and Mexico. For example, in class, we have studied an audio document : a on report dealing with the American-Mexican border. The journalist explains that the American-Mexican border is the most watched and an enormous quantity of people cross it every year. The controls tighten and the immigrants cross the desert. Hundreds die every year.

We also studied a text of Manuela and Candido which decided to go illegally to the United States. They were far from the Rio Grande when the smugglers decided to abandon them and with other Mexicans. They found themselves without guide, neither food, nor water. All died except Candido and as he said, it was "a journey in hell". It can be a real nightmare for the immigrants although they are in their country of destination: indeed, they leave their families in their native country.

To conclude, it seems to me that the immigration can be actually a dream on an economic perspective with conditions of better life and higher wages but it can be also a real nightmare because millions of people die every year by trying to cross the border between the United States and Mexico. We could worry about the future of these immigrants with the project of the president of Eats Unis Donald Trump of buil a wall between Mexico and the United States.

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