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Voici tout d'abord une liste de vos principales et r?p?t?es erreurs :
- Your honour (pour d?buter la lettre);
- First,
- Lawyer,
- Know,
- Gat -> Policeman,
- Guilty ...

? partir de vos ?l?ments, je vous propose de partir sur ce type de lettre :

Your Honour,

I am writing to inform you that a new piece evident could change ours visions of one case. But, first at all, I need to introduce me: I’m Mister Thaune, the new lawyer of Mister Porcelet. As you know, my client is accused of the murder of his friend Kevin.

However, I heard from the local police station, that new evidences were found. In reality, some DNA analyses were conducted by a detective, unfortunately, I have forgotten his name, but I’m sure you can find it easily and quickly: he is tall with a little moustache, not very nice, quite unpleasant to be honest.

But, he found some very interesting things. And the result confirms my client’s version: he’s innocent, has he always claimed. The fingerprints found aren’t Mr. Mathew Porcelet’s fingerprints; but in reality those of his brother : Mr. John Porcelet. The two brothers are not very closed, but no matter.

With this new and relevant element, I’m asking you to re-examine this case. Maybe, some witnesses could corroborate a new version, confirmed by scientific elements, and influence your verdict. In any event, not taking in account this new fact would be very unpleasant for a person of such good reputation like you.

Moreover, British people, and my client, have faith in their justice and they couldn’t tolerate that an innocent is ramping in jail, while the guilty party is still free.

Yours sincerely,

Mister Thaune

Bien cordialement,
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