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Je dois raconter mes vacances en anglais

Anglais > sujets expliqués - 21/04/2012 - correction
Bonjour à tous, mon professeur d'anglais nous a demander de d'écrire nos vacances.
Donc je voulais savoir si mon texte était correcte. Merci d'avance pour vos avis.

During the hollidays.
During the first week:

On monday, I went to a friend, I am to stay at her Westerday after noon.
On Thusday, I had to decide the duty to be quiet second week and indeed pofited of my vacancy.
On Friday and Saturday after noon, I had to entail my dog (Vicky) for the competition who it would spent second week.
On Sunday, I had to decide to end to owe them who ti stay in me except that from English that I would make second week.

The second week:

On Monday and Thusday thew going "La tête d'or" who be has Lyon.
On Westnest
day, I notice to participate has a canine competition with my dog.
On Thusday, I had carried out the duty English.
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I had to take av=dvantage of but vacancy has bottom !

merci de me corriger mon devoir pour que je puisse progresser en anglais.
merci d'avance.
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